What are air source heat pumps? Let’s take a look!

 On this page you’ll find loads of detailed information about what an air source heat pump is and the differences between them and traditional property heating measures.

What are air source heat pumps?

How do they work?

A heat pump is a clever heating and cooling system that can make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Think of it as a box that can move heat from one place to another, just like a refrigerator does, but in reverse.

Here’s how it works:

Heat Extraction: In colder weather, the heat pump takes the heat from the outside air (even when it’s chilly) and brings it inside to warm your home.

Cooling: In warmer weather, it reverses the process, removing heat from your home and releasing it outside, helping to cool your living spaces.

Energy-Efficiency: Heat pumps are efficient because they don’t create heat; they simply transfer it. This means they can use less energy compared to traditional heating systems, which burn fuel to generate heat.

Environmentally Friendly: Heat pumps are more eco-friendly because they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a greener planet.

Year-Round Comfort: Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, so you can use them to stay comfortable in all seasons.

While heat pumps may seem like magic, they’re real and can save you money while keeping your home cosy. If you have any questions or need help with a heat pump, don’t hesitate to ask us for guidance.

How much can I save?

More efficiency, less energy spend

According to government figures, home heating accounts for a whopping 14% of the UK’s carbon emissions year on year. This is a direct contradiction to the governments carbon-neutral goals before 2050. 

Largely gas boilers make up the majority of home heating solutions today and they’re the culprit for the majority of these emissions which has forced both the government and energy companies to look at lower carbon alternatives like Air Source Heat Pumps. 

In fact, the government has announced that they’re planning to install a whopping 600,000 heat pumps each year by 2028. 

As long as your property is thermally efficient and the heat pump is installed by a registered specialist (like us) you’ll typically find a heat pump will be far less costly to run than a traditional gas boiler.

Costs for a heat pump are traditionally more expensive than gas boilers, but with various grants and funding options that could bring the cost of a heat pump to zero for you and your family.


Is it really free?

How do I get access to funding?

Step 1
Submit an Enquiry
Start by filling out our online form to check your eligibility and we will get in touch, it's a straight forward form that takes less than 2 minutes to complete.
Step 2
Answer Some Questions About Your Circumstances
Our team will call you to go through some simple qualification questions over the phone to find out if you can access funding, this should take no longer than a few minutes.
Step 3
Book Your Free, No Obligation Home Survey
Presuming that you qualify, one of our energy advisors will arrange a home visit to find out which energy saving measures are suitable for your home at a time convenient to you.
Step 4
Get Your Fitting Date
Once our survey has taken place and funding has been achieved we will arrange the install of your free home improvements at a point that is convenient for you and your family.
Step 5
Enjoy Heating Your Home, For Less
You're all done! Make sure to listen carefully to our aftercare advice and maintenance information and you’ll have many years of lowered energy bills!
Got a burning question?

Here's our frequently asked questions

The installation process is as easy and pain free as it can be, with our teams taking care of the whole process from start-to-finish for you. If you have any specific questions, you can contact us through the button below. 

Yes, Air Source Heat Pumps are efficient in cold weather and work effectively down to -15 degrees celsius! It is important to mention that as the temperatures drop, efficiency is lower, but it doesn’t mean the system stops entirely.

An air source heat pump draws heat from the air from outside your property and uses it to heat your property. It works by using a refrigerant fluid to absorb heat from the outside air and transfer it to the buildings heating and hot water systems.

Air source heat pumps don’t generally create a lot of noise, no more than a dishwasher and since they’re stored outside, it’s unlikely you’ll notice it. 

Yes, there’s a 5 year warranty included in our Air Source Heat Pump installations which will give you peace of mind to know you’re getting a long lasting and professionally installed piece of equipment.

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