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Who are EcoTMarketing?

EcoTMarketing were founded in 2019 by Thomas Young and Terry Carroll after over 30 years experience in helping others to heat their home for less. With a mission to help as many people access funding as possible, they set to work building EcoTMarketing into what it is today. 


Now a few years down the line, we’ve installed and facilitated over 800 FREE boilers within Scotland alone. To keep up with the demand, we’ve grown to over 35 staff and a network of outsourced partners to ensure we can always deliver the solution you need. 


If you’re fed up of high energy bills and cold homes, hit the button below and see what grants you qualify for to help you stay warm for less!

Our Services

Grant funding can be used to access a wide number of energy saving measures for your home, these are the mots popular. For a full list head over to our Services page!

Cavity Wall Insulation

Insulation that sits in the cavity between your walls, also comes with a 25 year guarantee!

Free Boiler Upgrades

Check if you’re eligible to receive a completely FREE boiler upgrade by using grant funding!

Free Loft Insulation

Most homes already have loft insulation, but is it thick enough? We’ll survey your property for FREE!

Underfloor Insulation

Insulating your floor helps completely “seal” a house meaning more heat is kept inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that people can sometimes be a bit sceptical towards getting things for free, let us explain and answer some of the prime FAQs we get to help you understand.

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Where does the funding come from?
The ECO3 scheme in Scotland and the wider UK is the third version of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). Previously, ECO, ECO2 and ECO2t were launched as campaigns to reduce carbon emissions and reduce fuel poverty across the UK.

ECO3 is funded by a series of medium and large energy companies operating in the UK in conjunction with the Government and a network of Approved Installers, you can see which companies are involved by clicking here to head over to Ofgem.
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Is it REALLY free? What are the hidden charges?
Yes, if you qualify for funding it is entirely free! There are absolutely no hidden charges, if you'd like to pay towards a more expensive material or product to complete the measure (for example a more expensive boiler) there may be additional charges.

As long as you're either in receipt of ANY benefit (including child benefit) OR in one of the various Flex areas (Fife, Dundee & Angus, Falkirk, Renfrewshire to name a few) there will not be any charge for works carried out.
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Do I need to pay anything back?
No, there's absolutely nothing to pay back once the works are carried out. The ultimate goal of the ECO scheme is to help reduce fuel poverty across the UK, to achieve that goal the funding is handed out as a grant to ensure it doesn't cause further hardship.
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I'm not on benefits, how can I still qualify?
While traditionally ECO funding was only given to people who qualified through certain benefits, there's an additional scheme known as flex or LA flex. This scheme allows a number of properties to receive fully funded measures while they don't receive benefits, with the caveat that they need the measures installed and will benefit from them.
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I'd like to upgrade my property but I'm worried about COVID-19.
We completely understand that COVID-19 is a worry on everyones' mind. We'd like to take the opportunity to tell you that our staff are required to wear masks, submit temperature checks and sanitise before, after and during any appointments. Physical distancing will be maintained and we'll do as much of the survey as possible from the exterior of your home. If you're still not sure, we can look to book you in once the restrictions have weakened.
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What's the process for receiving funding?
Typically the process is fairly simple. We perform a free survey on your property to ensure that your property is applicable, once we understand that the property is applicable we then ask for some simple documentation to prove your identity, take some photos and create our funding file. Generally, within 3-4 weeks after this point our various teams will have been in touch to install your energy saving measures. All in all, within 3-4 weeks you'll be all done!

Prefer facts & figures?

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